Meana: sorry its sketchy I hope you all like it at least a little *bows*


japan: well i wanted to tell you but Alfred completely stopped using tumblr so ill draw something to demonstrate what happened.


Japan:i couldnt believe what happened today at all i dont know if i should wait for Alfred or not but i cant wait to tell you all <3 im so giddy <3

You Are Mine.

everyday you tell me to stand up for myself, i dont need to its pointless to fight. everyday i get made fun of i stop you from teaching them a lessen. every single day it doesn’t always go my way, but when it doesn’t go right for you i make it right. when you’re picked on i fight for you. when someone flirts with you i cling to you. I dont care what they do to me, however you are mine. you are most important to me. when they mess with you they bring my hidden rage, my inner demon. my patience is gone. no more. no one will make you cry, no one will talk about you behind your back, not without me looming over them like death himself. i wont stand for it. so why dont i stand up for myself? i have you to do that for me as you have me to do that for you. I am yours but you are MINE. no one gets to you without going through me. end of story. Honda Kiku (Admin. Meana)

"A Walk With You" By:Kiku Honda

Night falls and i walk beside you. i wonder silently to myself. Wondering what your thinking, what you want, and what you see. you told me life was beautiful i believed you for a long time but only the outside is. i dont see what you see in this rotting world…and i cant bring myself to see it. when i told you how i felt you told me to take a walk with you. you wouldnt let me refuse. eager as ever you shove me out the door. what do you see? what do you hear? how can your smile be so bright with a past so grim? then again… how can i love you..when your light is the one that devastated not only me…but my family the ones i loved are dead because of you. why? why? why? all these questions with no answer none at all and all you tell me even still years later is that things change that the world is do i know your not lying to me? how can i trust you…as soon as i began to doubt you i feel your gloved hand on my cheek. my eyes look int yours. your shimmering brilliant eyes that always made me feel like the moon itself was born from them…kind gentle and not harsh to look at. in my home its an insult to look someone in the eyes but i cant help it…i cant help but stare at them.

"look up" you said with that silly grin. with a sigh i look at what you proceed to point at "look at the star. every star represents us all of us. they are all together some big some small some blue white even red but every star in the sky is together…thats the vision i see for us Kiku…all of us. no war no superiority no domination just peace tranquility and the will to stand and help each other and last forever as the stars do" even though i giggle when you say red stars i cant help but be amazed at how you prove me wrong.
"Ally, the red stars are planets"
"yeah well so is the sun but its still called a star" you pout when i cant stop laughing. but im not laughing at you i promise…im laughing because of how deeply happy you make me about how much i will always need you and how i always want to be with you forever. I love you Alfred even when death does us part. (Admin. Meana)

Anonymous whispered:
So... March 2011 for Japan... :(

japan: there is no crying over what is done. what happened happened we live for today <3

mortisbane whispered:
Japan! I found out that you don't celebrate America's birthday in Animal Crossing! The only one that does is the first one for the game cube!!! Why?!

Japan: many countries found it unfair DDX its hard to explain it but we over decorate America and well it makes people jealous XD

ask-spoofyjohn whispered:
I don't think this is vulgar but how far have you two gone? Even better: Japan, have you pulled America's cowlick?

Japan:we have kissed thats and cuddled…>/////< thats the extent of what im telling you anything too passionate is for after marriage and yes ive pulled his weird little hair once…accidently i pulled it out so i stopped doing that DDD///X

askvalery-tetu whispered:
Damn, I miss yu guys :( I wanna draw some art, I'll get to it :)

((sorry :( I miss this blog too but there’s so many problems being able to run it at the moment ~admin_aki))

Anonymous whispered:
Happy Birthday Alfred! I'm glad you were able to get your birthday smooch on!

America: thank you anon :D I’m happy I got it too~

Anonymous whispered:
But Kiku what if your kid was a girl.

Japan: then Clari lol i hope she looks like Alfred if we do